Data Access Object Design Pattern in J2EE

May 2 201017 Commented

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Data access object (DAO) pattern is one of the core J2EE patterns used in many enterprise level applications. It provides a clean separation for various methods of data access and central point of access to data source.

Factory Design Pattern in Java

May 1 201022 Commented

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Factory method is a creational design pattern widely used in many libraries and toolkits. It provides a unified interface to instantiate appropriate sub classes at runtime based on specific conditions.

Singleton Design Pattern in Java

April 25 2010Not Commented

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Singleton design pattern ensures that only a single object is created even in multiple thread environments. It is a widely used design pattern in object oriented programming languages including Java.


April 25 20102 Commented

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There are many situations where we update multiple tables in a single transaction. In many cases you have to get the primary key value of the first record inserted in table 1 for updating/inserting record in second table. MySQL provides a handy function exclusively for this purpose.

Performance Optimization Web Application

January 6 20105 Commented

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Congratulations, you have developed and put your favourite web application in a hosting environment. Your application platform may be LAMP, .NET, J2EE etc. Suddenly your site is attracting large number of visitors and your system starts struggling to respond to all users! Here I explain some basic performance optimization techniques for all levels starting from design to hosting.

Some Linux admin commands everyone must know

December 31 20092 Commented

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In this tutorial I am explaining some Linux admin commands I execute in my day to day life as developer.

Struts 2 Jumpstart

December 28 20092 Commented

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Struts is a popular open source MVC framework for building dynamic web applications in Java platform which is now managed by Apache foundation. Struts 2 was evolved from Struts and WebWork, another Java web application framework from OpenSymphony.

Some basic Linux commands everyone must know

November 7 200910 Commented

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Linux is a popular open source operating system originally developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux is almost similar to UNIX, another popular OS in many aspects. Here I am explaining some basic Linux commands which will be benefitted by developers in day to day life.

Lucene Full Text Search in Java

October 31 200915 Commented

Categorized Under: Java

Lucene is an open source text based search engine orginally developed by Doug Cutting, now managed by Apache Software Foundation. It is a high performance easy to use API written purely in Java. Though it is written in Java platform, it is ported to many languages like PHP, C++ etc.

Servlet Filters – Beginner’s Guide

October 28 20092 Commented

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What do you mean by Filters? Filter is a component which intercepts HTTP request/response and provide additional functions. It is also used to modify request/response objects. Filters have been introduced since Servlet 2.3 specification. It act as a reusable component which could be attached to multiple resources like Servlets, JSPs etc and execute common tasks to them.

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