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April 25 20102 Commented

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There are many situations where we update multiple tables in a single transaction. In many cases you have to get the primary key value of the first record inserted in table 1 for updating/inserting record in second table. MySQL provides a handy function exclusively for this purpose.

Performance Optimization Web Application

January 6 20105 Commented

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Congratulations, you have developed and put your favourite web application in a hosting environment. Your application platform may be LAMP, .NET, J2EE etc. Suddenly your site is attracting large number of visitors and your system starts struggling to respond to all users! Here I explain some basic performance optimization techniques for all levels starting from design to hosting.

Some Linux admin commands everyone must know

December 31 20092 Commented

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In this tutorial I am explaining some Linux admin commands I execute in my day to day life as developer.

Some basic Linux commands everyone must know

November 7 200910 Commented

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Linux is a popular open source operating system originally developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux is almost similar to UNIX, another popular OS in many aspects. Here I am explaining some basic Linux commands which will be benefitted by developers in day to day life.