Web Application J2EE perspective

October 24 2009Not Commented

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Web application is a collection of static and dynamic resources which can be packaged and deployed in an application server. It is packaged in archive format called WAR format and deployed in application server which support JSP and Servlet specification.

Introduction to JDBC

October 22 2009one Commented

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JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity which is a set of interfaces and classes provided by Sun to access relational database in a vendor independent manner from Java platform. Database vendors who would like to support JDBC API implement these interfaces and classes and package them which is called JDBC driver. JDBC API is an important package in Java platform and is shipped with standard JDK distribution. JDBC was evolved as an alternative to ODBC which is a Microsoft standard to access RDBMS in vendor neutral manner.

Introduction to Java Server Pages – JSP

October 21 2009one Commented

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JSP is a server side component for building dynamic web applications based on Java platform. It provides dynamic scripting capabilities within static HTML or XML content. It is extended from Servlet, another server side component to build dynamic web applications. A typical JSP file consists of static content like HTML tags along with Java code snippets which are embedded using special tags. JSP compiler compiles the JSP file into servlet during run time which is executed in Java application server like Tomcat.

Introduction to Servlets

October 7 2009one Commented

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Servlet is a server side program runs on web server primarly used for creating dynamic web applications. Servlet API is a set of classes and interfaces provided by Java as an alternative to CGI programs. Like CGI program, servlet accepts HTTP request and send back response to the user. Servlets are deployed in servlet container, an executable program runs within a web server which is responsible for managing servlets. Tomcat is a popular open source web server with servlet container managed by Apache Software Foundation.

Installing and Configuring Eclipse with Tomcat in Windows

September 12 20095 Commented

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Eclipse is the leading IDE for software development on variety of platforms primarly written in Java. Though it was primary used for Java based development, now it extends support for variety of languages like C/C++, PHP etc. Apache Tomcat is an open source web server consists of servlet container primarly used for deploying Java web applications.

Lotus Notes/Domino BlackBerry integration using MDS Studio and Web Services

September 10 2009Not Commented

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BlackBerry is a widely used wireless handheld device today. Though it was originally used for e-mail applications, it extended its capabilities to build many PDA applications based on APIs. Web Service is the standard way of communicating between disparate systems over internet protocol. Domino provides out of the box support for web service from version 7 onwards. MDS Studio is a powerful IDE for creating BlackBerry applications using component based approach.

Parsing XML in Lotus Notes using Java

September 6 20095 Commented

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XML is the de facto standard for exchanging information between disparate systems. Suppose you are a furniture manufacturing company and your dealer/distributor wants to place order requests to you. You create a mail-in database and ask your client to email order requests in XML format. In mail-in database you parse the XML and create Notes order request documents. Once order request went through approval cycle in Lotus Notes, sales order is generated in your backend legacy or ERP system. Sounds cool?

Lotus Notes/Domino RDBMS integration using JDBC

June 29 20094 Commented

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Domino provides out of the box support for Java through agents, servlets and Java classes. Java dominates web programming space and is widely used by many enterprise applications. Here I am providing one example where Domino communicates with RDBMS through JDBC.

AutoComplete feature in Domino web environment using AJAX

June 28 2009Not Commented

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If you use Google for search in web, you might have experienced Google suggest feature. As you type in search box, it offers you suggestions. Let us try this kind of feature in Domino.

Date Picker for date fields in Domino web environment

June 27 20094 Commented

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Lotus Notes default date picker do not work in web. There are plenty of custom date pickers available in web. Here I am providing one of them.

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